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How Does Your Septic System Work?

Ask a member of our team in Mebane, NC

Most homeowners have a general idea of what septic systems do, but very few know the specifics. Wastewater from your home collects in a holding tank, where bacteria breaks down the solid waste and releases it into a drain field. To find out more details about how your septic system works, reach out to Kirby Septic Pumping in Mebane, NC. Our team is happy to answer all of your questions.

Our septic system company has years of expertise that we rely on to provide exceptional septic system services. Call now to make an appointment.

How do you know if you have a septic system?

Not sure if you have a septic system? Here are some indicators that you do:

  • Your home's water comes from a well
  • Your neighbors have a septic system
  • Your home's waterline doesn't have a meter

You can find your septic system by looking at your home's "as built" drawing, checking your yard for manholes or contacting a local septic system company in Mebane, NC. It's important to know if you have one so that you can get septic tank pumping as necessary.